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Technology is at the core of our competitive edge and value proposition. We use analytics to drive our product selection and strategy. Our technology in the context of our operational system equals a unique skillset to maximize a brands positive exposure and success on the Amazon marketplace.


We believe that a fully-integrated solution is the best way to provide the level of service that our customers and brands deserve. This is why we use a distributed warehousing model for quick delivery, 24-hour customer service, an easy return policy, and a highly-trained team.


Cambridge Select is selective in the brands that it chooses to represent in its portfolio. We partner with top-tier brands in their specific niches providing the optimal sales experience that wows the customer each and every time.


We are a team of MIT graduates and PhDs that use quantitative methods to propel our business. Our people are some of the brightest and we have a passion for excellence. Our critical thinking skills, innovative outlook, and bias for action are the foundation of our industry-changing methodologies.

About US

Cambridge Select uses proprietary technology to sell on Amazon at scale.
We create an optimized system with technology, analytics and processes to sell at scale.





Cambridge Select sells quality products from a select number of trusted brands on the Amazon online marketplace. Our goal is to provide the best products at competitive prices upholding the value of each brand and pleasing customers. We perform product research to discover products that customers will love. Using statistics, we are able to predict precisely what customers want and add the perfect special sauce to close more sales.

Cambridge Select takes our relationship with our vendors and customers seriously. That is why we sell only select products that are guaranteed to keep our customers happy. We work closely with our vendors to offer the latest products in a way that maintains brand integrity through quality, service, and responsiveness in the sales channel. We are the engine that maximizes brand equity by closing more sales from a trusted source with a fully scalable logistics infrastructure that is guaranteed to wow and keep customers happy. We have worked with many brands to build their volume, expand their core lineup, and make decisions to offer better products by providing a real-time outlook the dynamic marketplace.

We understand that retail is changing which is why we are building our business using a data-driven backbone that can offer insights that complement great product design, effective marketing, a smart product mix, and proper brand positioning. Our business intelligence suite is built from the ground up to generate more buzz for high-quality products and close more sales while providing up-to-date feedback for improvements. We combine unique real-time intelligence with real-time action.


Meet the Cambridge Select Management Team
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Alfredo Morales

Alfredo earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a minor in Management from the Sloan School of Management and a Master’s of Science in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.
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Linda Danca

Linda is responsible for service delivery from pre-sales to post-sales. Linda’s Global Operations and Leadership expertise stretches from South America to Southeast Asia. As a Black Belt Project Manager, her focus on doing more for, and with, less is a foundation for growing this and the several start-ups with which she has been involved.
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Alain Hanover (MIT BS, Harvard MS, HBS OPM) was founding CEO of Viewlogic in 1984, where he raised VC funding, took it public, and did multiple growth acquisitions over 13 years. He’s been an Angel Investor and Director in over 20 companies. He ran Navigator Ventures for Draper Laboratory for 8 years.
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Dante has a B.S, M.S., and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University. Dante was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and winner of the Dow Chemical Company Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award.
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Francesca B.S., M.S. MIT, PhD Obs Paris) She was a Fulbright Scholar, a Hubble Fellow, published in Nature, and co-edited Asteroids IV, the review book on her field that will be the resource “bible” for the coming decade. She is an expert in identifying and structuring problems, and analyzing data.
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Director of Merchandising
Kristin earned her bachelors degree in Apparel and Merchandising. She spent the next six years as a buyer at Macy’s and Nautica. Since 2012 she has held product merchandiser and buying manager titles at a number of companies including Wayfair and Talbots.
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HR Manager
Stephen earned a dual degree from Northeastern University & Dublin City University in International Business. He spent over 5 years at Wayfair in numerous Customer Service and Supply Chain Management roles before transitioning into Human Resources Operations.

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